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Earn AKC TRicks Titles by Video

Earn AKC Tricks Titles via Video!

Dog owners may teach their dogs tricks at home and submit a video to me - I'm an AKC CGC Evaluator - for review and approval. This applies to all levels of AKC Trick Dog training. AKC Trick Dog resources can be found here.  

A few notes:  

  • Tricks Descriptions and suggestions - so you know you're doing them correctly!

  • At all levels, you only need to do each trick once. (A few of the tricks require more than one activity (Touch and Puppy Push-ups as examples) - be sure to read the descriptions in the guide above!) 

  • You can use a clicker and give food as a reward at any level. 

  • Novice is the only level you can use food as a lure. 

  • You will need your dog's AKC or PAL# and breed to complete the paperwork.

  • I charge $15 per evaluation.

  • Payments to me can be sent via PayPal to or Venmo to @Donna-Nisleit

  • Your video can be one long video or several short ones.  You can send me video(s) several ways: you can text it to me (if you have an iPhone), upload it to YouTube and send me the link, or send it to me via Facebook Messenger.

  • Questions? Ask me!

How It Works

Then, to apply for the title, you - the DOG OWNER - must submit your title application and fees to AKC either:

Online: using the AKC Title Application Portal

Or via mail, e-mail or fax:

  • the Trick Dog Title Application

  • the AKC recording fees appropriate to the number of titles being submitted

  • the verified TRICKS CHECKLIST (for each title level submitted)


Questions?  Email Donna

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