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The Barn at Muddy Paws Ranch

The Barn at Muddy Paws Ranch

  • The Barn is typically set with agility contact equipment up and several other jumps and tunnels. A "course" may or may not be numbered.

  • $30/hour rental fee includes use of all agility equipment.

  • Barn rental is in 1 hour increments, no partial hours.

  • Minimally insulated and unheated.

  • The Barn does have multiple fans to keep air moving in summer.

  • Although it can be chilly in the colder months, the dirt floor typically doesn't freeze solid in the wintertime and still provides good footing for the dogs.

  • Moving equipment is allowed, please return to original location unless other arrangements have been made

  • Do not move the a-frame or dogwalk without permission and assistance (Dirt floor is tricky when it comes to moving these)

  • Those not cleaning up after their dog will not be allowed to return

  • Renters must sign the Waiver and Release (hanging by the benches) every time the Barn is rented

Email me for directions and more information about the Barn.

The Barn is typically available to rent between 7am & 9pm daily. Click the Booking Link to reserve your time!

Kash Muddy Paws

Kash - the day she gave

Muddy Paws Ranch its name.

The Barn

IMPORTANT - the rules and stuff...

By your use of the Barn, you are accepting all responsibility for any injuries to you or your dog and for any damage caused by you or your dog. Full sized agility equipment is typically out in the Barn and a small agility course is set. Don't allow a young dog to do things that might be harmful to their growing body. Don't ask a dog to do something they don't know how to do or aren't actively training for. There are many training / puppy / young dog / foundation pieces of equipment in the Barn - use them if it's appropriate for your dog. Please consider FIRST the safety of both you and your dog! 

NOTE: The area around the Barn and parking area are  fenced but not completely enclosed.  This area is open to the surrounding marsh, woods, farm fields, our home and ultimately the roads. Please leash your dog to get from your car into the Barn for their safety and that of our wildlife.

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