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Calypso (Caly)

... in Donna's words...

  • Caly has Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Barn Hunt, Scentwork, Nose Work, Agility, Hunt, Tricks and FastCat titles.

  • In 2023 Caly was the #3 German Shorthaired Pointer in the country in Barn Hunt at the Master level and the #1 GSP in Wisconsin (#17 All-Breed)

  • Caly is currently competing at the highest levels in Rally, Barn Hunt and Scentwork and is also actively competing in Obedience, Nose Work, Agility and Hunt Tests.

  • Caly is always willing to give 110% no matter what activity we participate in.  She is incredibly smart and always willing to learn new things.  She is friendly, energetic and enthusiastic, yet sweet and cuddly.  She is very easy to live with and is a wonderful partner and companion.



(Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, Cone Degeneration Clear/Normal)

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