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to you and your dog on qualifying for the 2019 AKC National Championships!!!

I am excited to be an official Canine Massage vendor at the event!  And I'm doubly excited to be sharing my stall with Melissa Horlock at this event. The massage and chiro vendors will be in the first row of stalls (across from the bathrooms) in the Ford Dealer's Barn where the agility exhibitor stalls are located.  Visiting us will be very easy and convenient!

Melissa and I will each be scheduling 3 dogs every hour from 8am - 5pm Friday and Saturday.  Sunday will be 8am-11am.  Dogs after 11am on Sunday will be reserved for injured dogs, challenger dogs, and finals dogs.  (Hours are subject to change based on the event schedule.)  This should allow more flexibility with runs and massage times.  It will also allow us to do quick pre-run checks when necessary without falling behind in our schedules.  Melissa and I will each be running our own schedules and try to help each other out when possible.   We will both have limited availability outside of these stall hours - me from my RV on site, Melissa from her hotel room.   I will also be available on Thursday afternoon / evening.

Cost will be $35 for the first massage and $30 each additional massage per individual dog.  Pre-payment will not be necessary but is always welcomed.  Melissa and I both accept Cash, PayPal, Check, and Credit Cards.  

Oklahoma law requires a veterinarian referral in order to provide massage services in the state.  Yep it’s true and required in order to be seen in Tulsa. 

 4 Paws referral form

Melissa Horlock referral form

Fill out these referral forms and have them signed by your vet.  Return them to us as soon as possible. We will create the massage schedule after March 1 when the NAC schedule is available.  We must have your referral letter prior to March 1 in order to include you in the schedule.  Please also let us know how many times and what days you would like your dog to be seen during the event. 

NOTE: We will not schedule any dog that does not have at least 1 vet referral turned into us (preferably both referrals).  Absolutely no exceptions.  So please get those referral forms filled out and turned back into us as soon as possible.

We will see walk-in clients during the event, if time permits.  However, any client we see MUST have the referral form filled out by a veterinarian before we can work on them.  

Melissa and I look forward to working with you and your dog!!!