Proceeds from both Mask sales and Trick Title evaluations have been donated to several organizations including:

Thank you to all those that are putting their lives at risk to protect ours!

Please choose from the fabrics I currently have on hand, shown below..... hover over or click on picture for the name of the fabric  

Note:  Some fabric quantities are VERY limited.  I do my best to update these as they are sold out, but please understand that availability is not guaranteed. 

(If there's a specific fabric or theme you're looking for, let me know!)

Reusable - washable cloth mask - $10 each

- Made from tight-weave cotton fabric (pre-washed / pre-shrunk)

- Filter pocket so you can add filter material (suggested materials for filters: coffee filter, shop towel, additional cotton fabric, interfacing, etc.)

- Nose bridge to tighten the mask to the top of your nose

- Elastic bands (1/4") to go around your ears

- Three sizes:  (see photo for size comparison)

  • Large (fits most men, especially those with facial hair.)
  • Medium (fits most women and some men)
  • Child (typically fits up to age 8)

- The mask should fit snugly to your face - on your nose, under your chin and on both sides. Pleats should open downward. Filter pocket at the top.

- Wash with your normal laundry before first use and after each use.

(Remember, after each use, the "front" of the mask is the "contaminated" side.  Use the ear straps to remove the mask and avoid setting the mask on anything that cannot be easily cleaned.)

- For extra disinfecting, allow the mask to dry in the sun after washing - UV rays are an excellent disinfectant.

- See pictures below for fabric choices

- Order form is below the fabric pictures

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  • These are not medical grade N95 masks, they are hand-made cotton masks.  They do NOT offer 100% protection against transmission of any disease.  If worn properly, they DO slow down transmission - to what level is debatable.  Adding filter material to the pocket does increase the protection, and that increase depends on what you use for a filter.  Most medical and scientific officials recommend that *everyone* wear a mask when out in public as we work through this pandemic and get to a new normal.
  • I'm not a seamstress. I don't sew for a living.  I'm someone who sews occasionally for fun and saw a need for masks.  The masks I make are not perfect:  lines may not be straight, pleats may not be even, thread ends may show.  I'm doing my best and hope that if you wear one of these masks you feel more comfortable being out and about and we are at least a bit safer than we would be without one! 
  • I don't have a large stockpile of masks.  They are made as they are ordered, and I sew some every day.  Expect it to take about a week, if I have the material you've picked on hand.

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Masks are $10 each, shipping is included.

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