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Proceeds from both Mask sales and Trick Title evaluations are being donated to the Aurora Health Care Foundation.  Specifically to the Aurora Health Care Team Member Crisis Fund.

Thank you to all those in the health care industry that are putting their lives at risk to protect ours!

Earning AKC Tricks Titles via Video!

While dog owners are staying at home practicing social distancing and dog trainers are suffering a loss of business, the AKC Family Dog Program is pleased to announce that dog owners may teach their dogs tricks at home and submit a video to an AKC CGC Evaluator for review and approval. This applies to all levels of AKC Trick Dog training. AKC Trick Dog resources can be found here.  

A few notes:  

  • Tricks Descriptions and suggestions - so you know you're doing them correctly!
  • If you're sending in video for Novice & Intermediate, do each trick twice. 
  • You can use food as a reward at any level. 
  • You can use food as a lure in Novice. 
  • I need your dog's AKC or PAL# and breed to complete the paperwork
  • I normally charge $10 per evaluation at events.  But I understand these are trying times for all, so whatever works for someone, I'm fine with.  
  • Payments can be sent via PayPal to (choose 'to a friend' please), Apple Pay to 262-613-3010, Zelle to 262-613-3010 or Venmo to @Donna-Nisleit
  • Your video can be one long video or several short ones.   You can send me video(s) several ways:  you can text it to me (if you have an iPhone), upload it to YouTube and send me the link, or send it to me via Facebook Messenger.
  • Here's a short video demonstration of most of the Trick options you have for the Novice level.    Note - while 17 tricks are demonstrated, only 10 are needed for the Novice Tricks Title
  • Questions? Ask me!

How It Works

  1. Dog owners teach tricks to their dogs at home
  2. When the dog has learned the tricks for the title, the dog owner sends a video (via a link, etc) of the dog performing the tricks to an AKC CGC Evaluator.
  3. The Evaluator reviews the video. Any fee arrangements for the Evaluator's time are between the Evaluator and the dog owner.
  4. Once the Evaluator reviews and approves the video, the Evaluator sends a copy of the Video Verification form to the DOG OWNER confirming that the dog passed the test.  (Evaluator also sends a copy of the Video Verification form to AKC)

Then, to apply for the title, the DOG OWNER must send to AKC:

  1. a copy of the VIDEO VERIFICATION form from the Evaluator (the Evaluator will also send a copy to AKC)
  2. the Trick Dog Title Application, and
  3. TRICKS CHECKLIST (for each title level submitted)

Questions?  Email Donna