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CGC  information

=> Those taking the CGC test should come prepared with a brush for their dog, as well as a flat buckle collar and 6’ leash.

Tricks Checklist: Novice
Tricks Checklist: Intermediate
Tricks Checklist: Advanced
Tricks Checklist: Performer

=> Those doing Tricks Title tests should come prepared with two copies of the Tricks Checklist for each title/level they wish to have evaluated: 

1 with dog / owner info completed

1 with proposed tricks marked

Trick Dog Title Application to be completed by owner after testing and sent to AKC

Props that will be on-site for use in Tricks testing:

  • Agility Jump
  • Wobble-board
  • Easy button/Bell
  • Toy Bin
  • Cardboard Box/Totes box
  • Tunnel
  • 6’ raised Plank
  • Kids toys (Keyboard/Stacking Rings)
  • Braided fleece attached to toy
  • Tennis Balls
  • Bumpers
  • Small pillow

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